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Created in 2007, the concept was to formulate a style that is only imagined. This new style was graffiti inspired and urban style design. It was formed by three main colors. Red being the passion, white being what is highlighted, black which was the mystery. Thus a new style of art was created. While the creator came across as a court Jester; when ink met paper, it was HIS WORLD. This was the perfect cover for the master plan to unfold. 

This has since turned into a brand called Jester Arts. Visual Entertainment/ Arts/ Products Photography etc. Art has been a tool to help. We produce much of the flyers and artwork for the Nashville Bike set and surrounding areas. We have since socially networked with extreme sports, popular musical artist,and many other well-known brands.  

We Do this For Fun

Our plan, to be be be the best

Our be your favorite Artist. -The Founder

Live. Laugh. Create. Elevate.

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